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  • Our investigations for diabetic profile includes but are not limited to FBS &2HPP, OGTT @HBA1C, C-PEPTIDE, URINALYSIS, ALBUMIN, CORTISOL @FRUCTOZAMINE, GLUCOSE 6- PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGINASE and lots more to suit your needs.

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    Our investigations for Hepatitis B profile includes: Hepatitis Bs Ag(Screening test),Hepatitis b AB,Hepatitis Be Ag,Hepatitis Be Ab, Hepatitis B Core Ab Total, Hepatitis B Core Ab IgM, Hepatitis b viral load, Hepatitis B quantification

  • We offer Vitamin D test using finger-pricked blood spot samples. Raised in tumoral calcinosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, idopathic hypercalciuria and scarcoidosis as well as normal growing children and pregnant lactating females. Depressed in chronic renal failure, vitamin D dependent rickets, pseudohypoparathyroidism and tumor induced osteomalacia.

  • Your Health is your Wealth. Visit Body Affairs Diagnostics for your Annual Medical Check up. Our plans includes but not limited to personal health check up, pre-marital check-up, Health Check up for employees(Corporate Wellness), Check-up for house helps/Nannies and lots more to suit your need.

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    Turn around time for Hepatitis B Viral Load, Hepatitis C Viral Load and HIV Viral Load is now 24 HOURS at Body Affairs Diagnostics. edge in Pathology. Book an appointment to get tested today

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Why us

We are passionate about developing innovative, ground-breaking tests, products and tools to enhance patient care, provide value to our clients, and transform information into knowledge and insights.

Why you are better off with us?

Ru1nning a high quality lab business requires ongoing investment in infrastructure, technology, equipments, people, processes and quality consumables. Over the years we have continuously upgraded our infrastructure, trained our people, invested in technology & equipments – to deliver consistently accurate and trustable results.
With body1high tech automated machines, continuous calibration, instant monitoring and information technology tools, our results turnaround time is the fastest in the industry. Reports are instantly made available once they are ready – through a variety of options ranging from online access to automated report printing kiosks.
We are a one stop sh5op for all diagnostic needs – ranging from lab tests to ecg to ultra sound scan. Our range of tests are extensive covering from simple to complex tests helping to diagnose a variety of disease / disorder conditions. There is no need to send a patient to different places for different tests.
We handle th19ousands of samples and generate thousands of reports a day – all of which are managed and guided by meticulous procedures, process, protocols and methods intended to deliver highest accuracy and lowest errors from sample processing to results reporting. We have a unique edge in this as we have done this over and over again for so many years building process excellence into every single step.

Pathology Services

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