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  • Our investigations for diabetic profile includes but are not limited to FBS &2HPP, OGTT @HBA1C, C-PEPTIDE, URINALYSIS, ALBUMIN, CORTISOL @FRUCTOZAMINE, GLUCOSE 6- PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGINASE and lots more to suit your needs.

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    Our investigations for Hepatitis B profile includes: Hepatitis Bs Ag(Screening test),Hepatitis b AB,Hepatitis Be Ag,Hepatitis Be Ab, Hepatitis B Core Ab Total, Hepatitis B Core Ab IgM, Hepatitis b viral load, Hepatitis B quantification

  • We offer Vitamin D test using finger-pricked blood spot samples. Raised in tumoral calcinosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, idopathic hypercalciuria and scarcoidosis as well as normal growing children and pregnant lactating females. Depressed in chronic renal failure, vitamin D dependent rickets, pseudohypoparathyroidism and tumor induced osteomalacia.

  • Your Health is your Wealth. Visit Body Affairs Diagnostics for your Annual Medical Check up. Our plans includes but not limited to personal health check up, pre-marital check-up, Health Check up for employees(Corporate Wellness), Check-up for house helps/Nannies and lots more to suit your need.

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    Turn around time for Hepatitis B Viral Load, Hepatitis C Viral Load and HIV Viral Load is now 24 HOURS at Body Affairs Diagnostics. edge in Pathology. Book an appointment to get tested today

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Core Values

We are passionate about developing innovative, ground-breaking tests, products and tools to enhance patient care, provide value to our clients, and transform information into knowledge and insights.

Whether you’re a physician or a patient, your needs are our top priority. We are committed to providing prompt service, timely notice of appointments and results, and empowering our employees with the answers to any questions you may have.

We know that medical testing can sometimes be worrisome or stressful. For this reason, we train our staff to provide information, care and comfort whenever needed. Whether it’s distracting a child during a blood draw or explaining a complex test, we’re glad to go the extra mile for each and every patient.
Our policy of speedy and efficient turnaround for our clients means fast access to the information you need via dispatch riders for confidential physical delivery, all forms of electronic transmittal and increased efficiency in the day to day operations of your own practice. Our customer service team is also fully trained to recognize your specific needs.
Patients unable to physically come to any of our labs now have the opportunity to receive care and attention at home. This also encompasses the provision of laboratory collections in unique logistic models, such as worksite collections, hospice clients, wellness support in occupational therapy, and managed care-driven programs. The House Call service is now available within Abuja metropolis and will be expanding across other areas very soon. Our home service staff is composed of competent medical technologists and technicians who are well trained in handling patient anxiety. Clients are assured that medical examinations will be conducted with utmost quality, care and compassion.