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  • Our investigations for diabetic profile includes but are not limited to FBS &2HPP, OGTT @HBA1C, C-PEPTIDE, URINALYSIS, ALBUMIN, CORTISOL @FRUCTOZAMINE, GLUCOSE 6- PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGINASE and lots more to suit your needs.

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    Our investigations for Hepatitis B profile includes: Hepatitis Bs Ag(Screening test),Hepatitis b AB,Hepatitis Be Ag,Hepatitis Be Ab, Hepatitis B Core Ab Total, Hepatitis B Core Ab IgM, Hepatitis b viral load, Hepatitis B quantification

  • We offer Vitamin D test using finger-pricked blood spot samples. Raised in tumoral calcinosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, idopathic hypercalciuria and scarcoidosis as well as normal growing children and pregnant lactating females. Depressed in chronic renal failure, vitamin D dependent rickets, pseudohypoparathyroidism and tumor induced osteomalacia.

  • Your Health is your Wealth. Visit Body Affairs Diagnostics for your Annual Medical Check up. Our plans includes but not limited to personal health check up, pre-marital check-up, Health Check up for employees(Corporate Wellness), Check-up for house helps/Nannies and lots more to suit your need.

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    Turn around time for Hepatitis B Viral Load, Hepatitis C Viral Load and HIV Viral Load is now 24 HOURS at Body Affairs Diagnostics. edge in Pathology. Book an appointment to get tested today

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Unique Services

We are committed to providing the highest quality of laboratory service, as well as an unmatched level of customer service

The need for preventive care can never be over emphasized. We have created affordable preventive care services to encourage people to take up routine annual health checks. You can get a complete personal health assessment with our wellness health screening packages that are designed to give you an overall picture of your health in a trouble free manner. Some of the screening packages come with physician consultation, so you can get your overall health assessment done in one place. We also provide health risk assessment services to the life insurance industry.

Over the years, Laboratory medicine, has become super specialized and complex with growing number of new tests requiring new testing methods. Keeping up with the advances in laboratory medicine requires an ongoing commitment to stay focused, upgrade equipment, process and standards. Rapid advances in laboratory medicine, the increasing number of tests being demanded by physicians and the continuing investments required to be made in new equipment, hospitals world over are realizing that running a lab by themselves is hard, frustrating and uneconomical Hospitals are therefore increasingly relying upon referral laboratories like us, to run the tests for their patients so that they can concentrate on patient care while leaving the running of diagnostics tests to trusted labs focused mainly on laboratory medicine.

Body Affairs diagnostics is well positioned to provide reliable, accurate and timely laboratory services on a wide range of test for hospitals. Our unique outsourcing model helps hospitals to run more efficiently and profitably.

We have been helping Companies of varying sizes to make right hiring decision through a variety of screening tools and also helping with employee well being through various health check packages. We have served the needs of Corporate clients, big and small. We have serviced their HR hiring needs and their employee wellness needs. Our results reporting is flexible to cover wide ranging needs from the electronic reports delivery via email to the traditional hard copy reports confidentially delivered to their companies.
Patients unable to physically come to any of our labs now have the opportunity to receive care and attention at home. This also encompasses the provision of laboratory collections in unique logistic models, such as worksite collections, hospice clients, wellness support in occupational therapy, and managed care-driven programs. The House Call service is now available within Abuja metropolis and will be expanding across other areas very soon. Our home service staff is composed of competent medical technologists and technicians who are well trained in handling patient anxiety. Clients are assured that medical examinations will be conducted with utmost quality, care and compassion.