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  • Our investigations for diabetic profile includes but are not limited to FBS &2HPP, OGTT @HBA1C, C-PEPTIDE, URINALYSIS, ALBUMIN, CORTISOL @FRUCTOZAMINE, GLUCOSE 6- PHOSPHATE DEHYDROGINASE and lots more to suit your needs.

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    Our investigations for Hepatitis B profile includes: Hepatitis Bs Ag(Screening test),Hepatitis b AB,Hepatitis Be Ag,Hepatitis Be Ab, Hepatitis B Core Ab Total, Hepatitis B Core Ab IgM, Hepatitis b viral load, Hepatitis B quantification

  • We offer Vitamin D test using finger-pricked blood spot samples. Raised in tumoral calcinosis, primary hyperparathyroidism, idopathic hypercalciuria and scarcoidosis as well as normal growing children and pregnant lactating females. Depressed in chronic renal failure, vitamin D dependent rickets, pseudohypoparathyroidism and tumor induced osteomalacia.

  • Your Health is your Wealth. Visit Body Affairs Diagnostics for your Annual Medical Check up. Our plans includes but not limited to personal health check up, pre-marital check-up, Health Check up for employees(Corporate Wellness), Check-up for house helps/Nannies and lots more to suit your need.

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    Turn around time for Hepatitis B Viral Load, Hepatitis C Viral Load and HIV Viral Load is now 24 HOURS at Body Affairs Diagnostics. edge in Pathology. Book an appointment to get tested today

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To be the leader in pathology services and also known for medical excellence and superior customer service.

Pathology Services

Clinical pathology supports the diagnosis of disease using laboratory testing of blood, other body fluids, tissues and microscopic evaluation of individual cells. We provide laboratory results in a timely, efficient and thoughtful manner. We bring expertise to all the major areas of diagnostic pathology thereby having a wide range of tests in various subspecialties. This includes but not limited to:

  • FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesterone
  • AMH
  • Testosterone
  • TSH, Free T3, Free T4
  • Insulin
  • ACTH
  • PTH
  • Growth Hormone
  • Renin Aldosterone
  • Erythropoietin
  • Adrenaline

  • Electrolytes: Calcium, Phosphate, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium
  • Liver Function Test: ALT, AST, ALP, Bilirubin, Total protein
  • Blood Sugar: Fasting and Random, HBA1c, Glucose tolerance tests, 2HPP, C-Peptide
  • Lipid Profile: Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, Cholesterol
  • Cardiac Markers: Troponin I and T, CKMB, Myoglobin, ProBNP
  • Tumour Markers: PSA (Prostate), CA 12-5 (Ovary), CEA (Pancreas), CA 15-3 (Breast) • Others: Complement C3/C4, Protein Electrophoresis, CRP etc

  • CBC: PCV, Hb, WBC (5 Part Diff), MCHC, MCH, MCV, RCC • Reticulocyte
  • CD4 count
  • Coagulation Studies: PT/INR, APTT, Antithrombin III, Factor VIII, Factor V Leiden, Protein C, Protein S
  • Iron Studies: Ferritin, Vitamin B12, Folate
  • Haemoglobin electrophoresis quantification

  • Hepatitis B: Surface, Core, Envelop Ag/Ab, +HBV viral load
  • Hepatitis C (+Hep C viral load and genotype)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Toxoplasma
  • Rubella
  • TORCHES screen
  • Epstein Barr antibodies
  • HIV (+CD4 and viral load)

  • Microscopy
  • Bacterial culture
  • Fungal culture
  • Antibiotic susceptibility tests
  • TB culture and susceptibility

  • ANA
  • Double stranded DNA
  • Anti-gliadin antibodies
  • Anti-mitochondrial antibodies • pANCA/cANCA • Anti-smooth muscle
  • Anti-phospholipid antibodies
  • Anti-cardiolipin
  • Anti-CCP

  • Drug Monitoring o Carbamezepine, Tacrolimus, Digoxin, Sodium Valproate, Lithium, Cyclosporin etc. •
  • Drug of Abuse o Opiates o Cocaine o Cannabis o Barbiturates o Nicotine o Alcohol

  • Lead Manganese Copper Cadmium Chromium Mercury Vanadium
  • FNAC
  • Pap Smear • Liquid Based Cytology • Fluid Cytology
  • Endoscopic biopsy • Surgical biopsy • Bone biopsy • Slide/Block review

We are committed to ensuring the highest accuracy and precision of laboratory results according to international standards and best practices while striving to achieve and maintain CAP accreditation.